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    Why this, you ask? Well, you'd know if you'd read Funeral Party. Regardless, enjoy! (And you can get the official recipe at the White Castle website).

Yes, White Castle hamburgers are not just for binge-breakfasts anymore! I got this from my cousin Steve, who got it from “Cashin’s Comments” (“Art Cashin’s Market Commentary”—UBS Financial Services Inc.). I tried contacting Art, but couldn’t find an e-mail address anywhere, and I don’t know where he got it from, so I’m going with it, and BTW, if you are the original person, please let me know so I can give you credit for this excellent idea!

The entire city of Chicago and those of us in other states who still relish the sloppy taste of a Slider thank you. I will do my best to talk my wife into trying this. If I do not succeed, I’ll still have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at hand.

1)  Go to White Castle the night before Thanksgiving around 8pm and pick up two “Crave Cases” of hamburgers (makes two trays) and a sack of cheeseburgers for yourself for the ride home.

2)  Put Crave Cases in fridge and we’ll start in the morning…

Ingredients and Cooking the stuffing:

            30 White Castle hamburgers, pickles removed; 1½ cups diced celery; 1 teaspoon ground sage; 1 teaspoon thyme; ¼ teaspoon coarse ground pepper; ¾ cup chicken broth.

            I like to quarter burgers with a knife rather than tearing. Put in a large mixing bowl, add celery and sprinkle seasonings, then mix. Add broth and mix again. Put in tins. Slide in oven and warm to liking.

Thank you, wise person, whoever you are!