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I intend to use Shadows as part of a horror collection, but until then, don't get confused if you can't find it. Shadows was written more than a few years ago. I've been rejected on novels hundreds of times (yes, I'm a member of the 500 Club!) but I only submitted three short stories, and Shadows was one of them. WEIRD TALES sent me my favorite line in a rejection letter--see below: "Characters who exist..."

     Thank you, WEIRD TALES for some good advice and at least answering my query. And with some reader input, I might actually do a Shadows Part 2.


Terminus Publishing Co., Inc.

123 Crooked Lane

King of Prussia PA 19406

2003 March 22

Dear Paul:

     Spring at last! Now--about your "Shadows." Sorry, but not this time. We feel strongly that the best way to present a wonder or a horror is to SHOW believable people trying to cope with one, successfully or not. But even unsuccessful protagonists should almost always at least TRY to protag. Characters who exist only to be eaten (or worse) seldom make a story interesting..."

There was some more advice about style guidelines but that particular sentence in the first paragraph is what I'm asking you to vote about: should I have a different conclusion to Shadows? I await your decision! And two more things: 1) As I said after the end of the story, if I decide to write a Part Two with another ending and I use your ideas for it, with your permission I'll make you a character in the story. But as this is a short story, you'll be in there for a short time, and you may not like the character. And you'll probably die a gruesome death (in the story!) 2) I don't know if WEIRD TALES is still in business, but they certainly do/did have a great publishing company name and street address--how apropos.