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By R.M. (posted on Amazon)

I could not put this book down! I loved the Chicago background and the characters are very enticing. Looking forward to the next book!


By K.W. (posted on Amazon)

Zak O'Neill, a Chicago Southsider, ex-cop, and unlucky "flatlander" loser, takes us with him on his harrowing and often hilarious journey as he escapes to dreaded "Green Bay Packer" territory and tries to outwit the Mob, various hitmen, rivalling gangs, and even a stray biker or two. On the way we meet a crazy and colorful cast of characters, such as Freddy the Hulk, who becomes his unlikely and not-so-trustworthy sidekick; the smooth-talking, slick dresser Henry, Director of the wild Olympus Club in northern WI where Zak ends up and where the funeral party takes place (a Club that would make Hugh Hefner himself jealous); Mystique, the whip-cracking stripper who graces the book's cover and is the star attraction at the Club; and several other unique and wholly believable characters. The plot of the novel is clever, exciting, and convincing. Great descriptive detail, snappy dialogue, and vivid settings enliven the characters and bring the story to rip-roaring life. I highly recommend it!


By L.T. (posted on Amazon)

Chicago...gangs, mobsters, cheats, thugs...this book has it all! The setting is Chicago and Wisconsin and almost reads like the newspapers. You know the story is fiction and yet so much seems like it could be happening in real-time. Paul McMurray writes a fast-paced story that grabs your attention from the beginning! I'm looking forward to the next book about Zak and Freddy!!


By E.G. (posted on Amazon)

I loved the story and could relate to the Chicago settings and mobster characters. I skipped over the racy scenes because I'm so old my heart couldn't take it. Can't wait for the sequel!