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Books and Getting Them

    These are all e-books, friend. When I sell enough, I'll get them printed and let you know about it here and on my blog. If you posted a review, good or bad, I'll throw a contest or some way to thank you and maybe get you a print copy. Of course, if you hated the book, why would you enter? But I digress...

    All e-books are available at and at Amazon's got you covered for your Kindle--or you can download a free Kindle for PC app for your computer--and I use Smashwords to distribute to other outlets, which include Apple e-readers, Sony, Kobo, and just about any other way you can read an e-book, including Barnes & Noble for the Scoop Jackson books. The "Mystery, Murder, & Martinis" series can be purchased directly from Barnes & Noble.

     Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N all offer free chapters.

    So check them out according to your tastes and I hope you find something you like.

    Thanks for stopping by.



FUNERAL PARTY Mystery, Murder, & Martinis #1: On The Run

THE WILDING Mystery, Murder, & Martinis #2: Street Survival


Coming soon...

EVIL CAMP (Scary: Middle-Grade to Y/A).

    See the Scoop Jackson page for info.

Adventures In Camping with Scoop Jackson (Humor, IMHO).

25 years of camping mishaps! See the Scoop Jackson page for more info.