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Adult Fiction: Mystery, Murder, & Martinis

FUNERAL PARTY (Mystery, Murder, & Martinis #1: On the Run). Approx. 154,000 words not including excerpt from THE WILDING (book #2 in the series). Adult Content--contains sex, violence and frequent profanity!

    Tavern owner and former bagman for the Chicago Outfit while he was a cop, Zak O'Neill is forced to do one more job for his old Mob boss: take the gangster's girlfriend out on a date to see if she can be trusted. Of course she can't--but for an entirely different reason than expected--and Zak is forced to shoot his way out of a trap and flee, leaving behind his tavern, his house, and the girl he's in lust with. Driving far north into Wisconsin to hide, low on cash and gas and lost, Zak winds up at a desolate dive and all too soon wonders if he wasn't better off back in Chicago, hitmen be damned. Besides the fact that he's a hated Flatlander in Cheesehead-land, there's the hulking but too-short Freddy who's always looking for a fight, the mysterious WANTED fax with Zak's face on it that brings those darn bounty hunters, the slightly seedy private club that hosts a funeral party complete with strippers dancing around the casket, and finally the ultimatum: Die here, or head into dangerous territory to deal with gangs, guns, and a lot of missing money.


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THE WILDING (Mystery, Murder, & Martinis #2: Street Survival)

OK, I'm sending Zak and Freddy back to Chicago with their ladies, with them giving the gals the lame excuse that it's a vacation while the guys try to earn some much-needed spending dough by doing a job for Vince Parisi, the Outfit boss.

    Vince is after something taken during a wilding, an apparent smash-and-grab attack near beautiful downtown Michigan Avenue. But when Vince gives you a call, you know there is more to the tale, and there is: copies of porn-paintings of a high-end model, a knock-down meeting with the leader of a Chinatown Tong, a deal with a pimp who wants something strange in exchange, and of course guns and girls--I'm talking sex, violence, and vice, pal, just so you know. 


(A sample of THE WILDING is included with FUNERAL PARTY).